Duck Feather

Duck Feather,Washed Duck Feather and Down Feather Blends

Duck Feather

Washed Duck Feather Solution. High Cleanness and Allergen-free...

Why Our Down & Feather

Yongfeng Down Products, a leader down & feather supplier of china. We have our own-self farm in anhui province and 10 sourcing company in Shandong, Guangxi, Hunan, Anhui, North China. With our world-class 2 level feather & down assorting machines, washing machines, We are able to produce 1500 Tons of high quality-down and 2,500 Tons of feather. 

  • A large selection of down and feathers from well-grown geese.
  • Effected with a series of sophisticated processing, such as washing, fat-removing, sterilizing.
  • High Cleanness and Allergen-free.
  • Pure nature, 100% recyclable.
  • High filling power: from 500 to 950+ fill powder available.
  • Good thermal insulation, warmer than synthetics.
  • Economical quality, middle quality or luxurious quality for your choices.

Our laboratory department carries out vigorous testing programs such as:KSK2620-2003,USA-2000,EN 12934(European),EN 162(European),EN 12935(European), IDFB-2002, GB10289-88/102988-89,JIS(Japanese), AS2479(Australia), Canada standards, FTC Etc.


Duck Feather

Because of their protective nature, feathers in a fill are a great way to offer support and durability to a product and are ideal for decorative pillows, cushions, etc. However, for basic bedding, one needs to be careful. The use of larger feathers in basic beddings products such as duvets and pillows – while less expensive – can be more uncomfortable as their quills can break through the ticking and poke the user.

Yongfeng’s down and feather factory is registered and meets China, EU, U.S. standards and guidelines. All of our down and feather fills undergo a 12-step cleaning process that includes laundering at 40°C, multiple rinses and a final sterilization/deodorization process. Finally, the down and feathers are dried at 110-130°C. Before use in our bedding products, the down & feather fills are tested to ensure conformity to requirements for: Fill power, Turbidity, Oil & fat content, Oxygen content, Moisture content, Odor.

Clean and hygienic, our down and feather fills are independently tested and approved by the International Down and Feather Lab (IDFL) before shipping from China.

The following fill powers are available in Goose and Duck and in White and Grey Blends:

  • Duck Feather - No down content. (1cm~4cm etc)
  • Duck Feather - Minimum 5% down content 
  • Duck Feather 10% - At least 10% down content
  • Duck Feather 25% - 25% down and 75% feather
  • Duck Down 50% - 480- 500 Fill Power 50% down and 50% feather
Yongfeng carries a full range of synthetic fills of varying qualities. Please contact us.

The Process of Produce


YONGFENG''''s down and feather can use in fashion (down coats, down jackets, down gilets), home textile (bedding such as duvet, pillows), outdoors (outdoor sleeping bags, professional outdoor clothing) etc. Have any question such as quote, samples, technology information ect? Pls contact us now.

(Band samples. Customer customized design accepted.)